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Nicky White Managing Director
James Loffet Logistics & Distribution Director
David Lunt Business Development Director
Tom Gittins Business Development Director
Kish Ramasamy Sales Development Manager
Jess Douglas Marketing Manager
Sarah Edginton Events Co-ordinator
Leah Hillier Digital Media Co-Ordinator
Maggie White Office Admin (Sales Records)
Jo Finn Office Admin (Central Payment)
Lizzy Doole New Projects Co-Ordinator
Sue Hutchings Office Receptionist
Miranda Loffet Distribution Admin
Diane Woods Distribution Manager
Lucy Howard Office Supervisor
Karen Smith Admin/Sales
Sharon Mander Admin/Sales
Jake Pearson Finance/Sales
Maria Hardwidge Admin/Sales
Rebecca Latham Sales/Admin


The CDC provides members with the ability to order in smaller quantities than would be possible direct with the Supplier. This helps their cash flow, stock planning and drives their business to greater return.