Jess Douglas
Marketing Manager

  1. How long have you worked at Confex?
    I am just coming up to my first year anniversary at Confex. I started on 1 January 2014
  2. What were you doing before joining Confex?
    I had taken 2.5 years out from work to have two children, who are now 3.5 years and 17months old. Before that, I was a primary school teacher and private tutor for 4 years and before that I was a journalist. I spent 5 years as Sub-Editor and Picture Editor at IPC Media, in London, working on Shooting Times Magazine, which was one of the only weekly publications at the company so it was a fast-paced and exciting place to work; non-stop!
  3. Tell us something different about your life outside of Confex?
    I am a very keen horserider and try to get out on my horse as much as possible. I find itís the best way to try and forget everything else going on in the world!
  4. Who are your role models and why?
    It sounds a bit corny but my main role model would be my husband. He took a huge risk leaving a very good job in London to set up his own business in Chipping Norton 5 years ago. Along with drive, ambition and hard work he has created a thriving Estate Agency that is continually growing and enables him to have a great work/ family balance. I value the fact that he can have breakfast with his family and be home in time to put his children to bed hugely, as many of our friends arenít as lucky and only he has enabled this to happen. I would also say my mother, as she has always worked hard to provide for her family and has given us everything we could have wanted. I think she has also instilled a good work ethic in my brothers and I Ė perhaps because she never stops so we donít!
  5. How do you like to spend any spare time you may have?
    There isnít a great deal with work and small children! However, I play netball weekly, run as much as I can and go to pilates at the weekend. There are also the horses to fit in obviously!
  6. What is the most interesting place you have visited and why?
    My favourite place in the world would be Thailand. I have had two different experiences of the country as I first travelled there as a student Ďroughingí it when I was 19 years old. I then went back a few years ago in a more luxurious capacity! It is a truly breathtaking and diverse country with the amazing scenery of the mountains in the north and the stunning parardise beaches of the islands in the south. The people are so warm and friendly and the food is exquisite. Itís also very cheap, which is always a bonus!
  7. Tell us an ambition you have achieved and one you have yet to fulfil?
    I think my biggest ambition to have achieved to date would have to be having my two healthy children. Two boys is hard work but there is nothing really as rewarding as being a mother. An ambition I would like to fulfill would be try and complete a marathon one day. I would also like to travel more and would love to do the Tran-Siberian Railway journey from St Petersburg to Beijing. May be in retirement!
  8. What do you like about working at Confex?
    It is a diverse and interesting company to work for and we are lucky that it is based in such an idyllic rural setting in the Cotswolds and we donít have to drive into a big town or city to work.