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Confex is working with Black Dog New Media on a Social Media Strategy for it's Members, Suppliers and the wider exposure of the Wholesale Sector. 

Why Social Media makes sense for Small Businesses

So you think social media is just for big business? With so little time and so much to do, you don’t know where to start and can’t justify the investment.

Well, think again. A well executed social media plan doesn’t need to cost a fortune and the rewards can be significant.

If the prospect of saving money on your advertising budget and growing a bigger slice of your local market sounds appealing, building an effective social media profile for your business is essential.

With the right advice and a strategy that is sympathetic to the personality of your business and customers, you’ll start to see some of the following benefits:·

  • A community profile that reflects your business/brand
  • A brand that is fresh in the minds of your fans and prospective customers
  • Increasing customer loyalty
  • You will be seen as an industry expert
  • Interacting with your customers puts a human face on your business

The 7 Steps to getting your business on Social Media

In partnership with Social Media Consultant Shaun Fagan, Black Dog New Media 07827 999135 or email

  1. Understand your business goals. Please do not do social media for the sake of it!
  2. Define a social media strategy that supports those goals and your business. Start small, keep it sensible. For most businesses this will be a combination of blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  3. Create your social platforms. Make sure they’re looking good before you go live.
  4. Research where your customers (and competition) are, start to follow them and listen to what they’re saying
  5. Create a schedule for your social media (30 mins a day max)
  6. Start posting your updates. Avoid selling! Remember, social media is all about engagement and building relationships. Oh, and avoid selling! Share others posts and tweets. Try to provide value and benefit in your social media. Entertain, inform, educate, provoke etc.
  7. Monitor, review and re-plan on a regular basis.

For more information on creating your social media strategy or for help on managing your businesses social presence please contact us.

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The CDC provides members with the ability to order in smaller quantities than would be possible direct with the Supplier. This helps their cash flow, stock planning and drives their business to greater return.