Promotional Programme

Confex runs a comprehensive annual promotional programme across 1000's of major brands. There are 16 Retail Promotion Periods per year, each one having a 6 week buy in and 3 week sell out. Promotions are offered to suit each category of member. Download promotional schedule...

Our catering promotion programme operates on a monthly basis. We also issue special seasonal promotions for Christmas, Easter / Spring events, and Halloween.

The Confex retail club, C-Store Express, run promotions that follow the main retail programme of 16 promotions periods.

Retail and catering promotions are issued approximately 2 weeks before buy in via our digital newsletter Delivered!


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Central Distribution provides wholesalers with the ability to order in smaller quantities than would be possible direct with the Supplier. This helps their cash flow, stock planning and drives their business to greater return. Call 01451 821598 or click the find out more button.