Green Wholesaler Award

In a world where green credentials are increasingly giving businesses a competitive edge, Confex offers its members a chance to win a green accolade for their business.

Take the opportunity to see how your green credentials stack up against similar businesses, and find out how to improve your environmental performance - which could lead to real cost savings.

Inspired PLC

Inspired PLC

Inspired are proud to sponsor of the Confex Green Wholesaler Awards for the third year in a row. This category recognises businesses who have contributed significantly towards improving their environmental performance.

Who are Inspired?

Inspired PLC is a UK market-leading technology-enabled provider of energy and sustainability advisory services.

To enable businesses to respond to the climate emergency, we focus on solving their toughest challenges. By managing data comprehensively, sourcing energy sustainably and reducing carbon efficiently, we allow our clients to control costs effectively, make authentic ESG disclosures, improve their business performance, whilst powering their journey to net zero.

How we help your business

The energy market has seen dramatic changes over the past twelve months. With rising energy costs and geopolitical influences alongside businesses still recovering from the impacts of COVID-19, managing energy has been very difficult for many businesses across the UK.

Work with us and you'll get access to our specialist teams who can assist you in dealing with your business challenges; helping you reduce your consumption, become more efficient and reduce your energy spend.

Green Wholesaler Awards

Inspired are proud to sponsor the Confex Green Wholesaler Awards. 

The Confex Green Wholesale Awards are supported by leading sector brand names and are presented at the annual Confex trade show dinner. Awards are presented to the most eco-friendly businesses, together with a logo for use on winners' products and premises. Winners in each category will receive a trophy:

  • Retail Wholesaler
  • Foodservice Wholesaler
  • Overall Green Wholesaler of the Year Winner

Additionally, you will gain increased publicity for your company, an improved reputation with your customers and peers as well as increased staff morale as a result of winning an award.

Supporting your route to net zero

We are the largest energy and sustainability advisor in the UK and our knowledge and expertise allow us to provide your business with a solution to bolster your sustainability efforts.

To find out how Inspired PLC can help your wholesale business, get in touch. Call 01772 689 250 or email


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