Jake Pearson

  1. How long have you worked at Confex?
    I joined Confex in September 2015 full time after doing temp work for the company since 2009 during my summer breaks from college and then university.
  2. What were you doing before joining Confex?
    Before I joined Confex, I was studying a 3 year BA degree at University in Primary Education. Since then I have worked within a School and various Admin roles
  3. Tell us something different about your life outside of Confex?
    Outside of Confex, I am mainly relaxing at home with my family (or out shopping!), going to visit friends or pursuing my baking hobby at the weekend.
  4. Who are your role models and why?
    I don’t have any specific role models; I really look up to people who show the courage to stand up for our human rights and for equality and give me the courage to stand up for what I believe in.
  5. How do you like to spend any spare time you may have?
    I enjoy spending time either relaxing at home or going out and about with family and friends; be that for a nice meal out or having a wander about the local town. If I do get the chance, I also love to get my camera out and do some photography.
  6. What is the most interesting place you have visited and why?
    The most interesting place I have visited would be Lanzarote; a very beautiful country and home to an artist, Cesar Manrique, who’s artwork and architecture I really admire.
  7. Tell us an ambition you have achieved and one you have yet to fulfil?
    An ambition that I have achieved so far has been to pass my degree which I did in 2014. Something which I have yet to fulfil is to purchase my own house and start my training to become a qualified massage therapist.
  8. What do you like about working at Confex?
    I started doing temp work at Confex back in 2009 throughout my summer breaks and am delighted to now be a full time member of the team. I really enjoy the variety of admin work involved in the job and also having to use my investigation skills to solve any queries that arise. I also really enjoy the friendly and relaxed atmosphere of the office and working with the team!